Hot Reads: The Big Cannabis ETF Comparison

December 14, 2020

Compiled by Staff


The Big Cannabis ETF Comparison (SeekingAlpha)
And the winner is... ranking the top 5 ETFs.


The Value Factor's Pain (FactorResearch)
Are intangibles to blame? Some believe so. 


Mutual Funds Bleed $469B As ETFs Triumph In Zero Sum Game (Bloomberg)
Well-timed regulations, Fed ETF buying help accelerate shift.


Fidelity High Dividend ETF Review (SeekingAlpha)
FDVV” is a good instrument for passive dividend investing. 


Debt-To-GDP Rising Globally (Visual Capitalist) 
Debt levels are rising at a similar pace around the world.


What Decade Will We Be Living In For 2021? (Disciplined Global Systematic Global Macro Views) 
What decade you think will repeat or whether this will be a new period is essential for forming any asset allocation.

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