Hot Reads: Big Investors Want Smart Beta

June 17, 2019

Compiled by Staff


More Big Investors Embracing Smart Beta, ESG: Study (ThinkAdvisor)

FTSE Russell found global asset managers continue wanting smart beta approaches, and are seeing ESG as part of those factors.


Backlash From ETF Traders Grows Over Push For Bond Reporting Lag (Bloomberg)

Market makers, hedge funds and issuers wary of the plan.


How The 1st Confidential Active ETF Works (CNBC)

Inside the first SEC-approved nontransparent active ETF.


Bitcoin's Telling (

Though bitcoin still arguably a speculative asset, support for it as a store of value proving more resilient than many predicted.


Global Growth Slows, But Is Recession Likely? (SPDR)

How trade tensions have impacted growth projections and sector performance.


Lessons From Woodford (MSCI)

The case of the U.K.'s Woodford Equity Income Fund highlights the value of regularly reviewing a portfolio’s factor exposures and liquidity characteristics.


DIA’: Running On Empty (Seeking Alpha)

Despite ‘DIA’  having a 20% year-to-date rise, looks like investors have started to run for the exits.

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