Hot Reads: The Biggest Reversal Ever

November 20, 2020


Compiled by Staff


Biggest Stock Market Reversal In History (Wealth of Common Sense)
The massive swing in 2020 from huge losses to a gain will likely become the biggest stock market reversal ever.


8 Best 5G ETFs To Buy (US News & World Report)
These funds offer investors access to a telecom megatrend.


Active Management Pays Off For S&P 500 Index Keepers (FA Magazine) 
They waited out the worst of the storm and then added Tesla to the index.


New Bill Would Require Advisors Consider ESG For Retirement Plans (Investment News)
Bill likely to be introduced in the U.S. House next month.


Center Of The World’s Oil Market (Institutional Investor)
Cushing, Oklahoma set the stage for the Great Oil Price Crash of 2020. But was it really to blame?


The Most Important Assumption (Belle Curve)
Spoiler alert: It’s neither ROI nor the withdrawal rate during retirement.


Clayton Looks Back On His Term Leading The SEC (CNBC)
SEC Chairman Jay Clayton is leaving his position at the end of the year, though his term runs through June.


Robinhood Alleged Fiduciary Duty To Novice Investors, Says New Lawsuit (RIABiz)
Class action lawsuit alleges trading firm failed to direct self-directed investors.


What a 95% Effective Vaccine Could Do Is Exciting (Bloomberg)
A percentage point here, a percentage point there and pretty soon you’re talking about real progress in the battle against Covid-19.


Why Brown Beat Every Ivy League Endowment (Institutional Investor) 
The reason behind Brown’s outperformance is not what most people think, according to an analysis from MPI.


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