Hot Reads: Blaming ETFs

February 10, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Battered Funds Blame ETFs For Overrunning Stocks. Again. (Bloomberg)
Active managers see worst January in 4 years. 


U.S. Stocks Resilient In Face of Coronavirus (The Capital Spectator)
There were minimal signs of concern in last week’s performance of the US equity market.


Don’t Expect China to Rebound Quickly From Coronavirus (Bloomberg)
Cascading spillovers in trade, supply and demand, and the movement of goods are difficult to reverse rapidly.


AI & Big Data In Investing: Four Questions (CFA)
A new report has inspired some compelling questions ... and answers.


An Alternative Investment Matrix (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
Defining the alternative investment universe is actually not easy.


The Case Against REITs (Alpha Architect)
The diversification benefits of REITs were marginal over the last 30 years.


Investors Vote For Conservative Portfolios Ahead Of Elections (WM)
Investors turning to more conservative portfolios ahead of what's expected to be a volatile year, both in the markets and in politics.


New ETF Filing Crosses Munis With Social Investing (Investment News)
Van Eck fund would focus on state and local government debt funding sustainable development.


2 Firms Clash Over Fate Of Small-Caps (Bloomberg)
Using options on 'IWM' is good. But should you be bearish or bullish?


Getting Young People Into Day Trading (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
How do you get college kids interested in the markets?


The S&P ‘5’ (Financial Advisor Magazine)
The top five components in the S&P 500 represented more than 17% of the index in January.


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