Hot Reads: Bond Market Screaming Recession

August 16, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Bond Market All In On Recession Forecast (Capitalist Spectator) 
“Bond market is screaming recession," said one observer.


ETF Investors Shift From Cyclicals To Defensives (MarketRealist)
Escalation in China-U.S. trade war helping drive cyclical sectors to be on pace for two weeks of underperformance. 


Betting Big On S&P 500 Rebound As Sell-Off Worsens (Bloomberg)
Someone just bought and sold a massive amount of “SPY” options.


Investors Flock To Gold ETFs (WSJ)
Flight to safety has been a boon for anything related to the yellow metal.


Reality Check For MBS Duration Risk (MSCI) 
The recent rate rally, worsening negative convexity and soaring MBS volatility have pushed MBS durations significantly lower and increased uncertainty. 


Inflation A Threat To Retirement? (WM)
Your answer probably depends on your age.


Sell-offs, Trade Wars, Yield Curve Inversions... Oh My! (Belle Curve)
How to best avoid Dow point sensationalism.


Capture The Upside In Gasoline (Seeking Alpha)
“UGA” could get a boost from a number of factors. 


Be Selective In Face Of Trade Tensions (SPDR)
The second half of 2019 isn't likely to calm down. 


Young People Shouldn't Worry About A Recession (CNBC)
Young people should welcome a recession, says one expert. 

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