Hot Reads: A Bubble In Passive?

August 29, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Big Short's Burry Sees Bubble In Passive Investing (Bloomberg)
As money pours into ETFs and other index-tracking products that skew toward big companies, Burry says smaller value stocks are being unduly neglected around the world.


No-Deal Brexit Odds Increase (CNBC)
U.K. Prime Minister schedules reopening of parliament for Oct.14—a controversial move that increases the chances of the U.K. leaving the EU with no deal.


Liquidity, Flexibility & Transparency In Bond ETFs (Institutional Investor)

More and more, institutional investors are turning to ETFs to help solve fixed income challenges.


Bond Yields Could Keep Dropping As Market Fears ‘Disaster Scenario’ (CNBC)

Many strategists expect yields worldwide to continue to drop.


Mega Insurers Turn To Passive (Indexology)

One segment of the institutional market—insurance—has been steadily increasing its usage of ETFs.


Late Inning Relief For High Yield (WisdomTree)
Is this the end of the credit cycle?


Don't Overlook Fidelity's Real Estate ETF (Seeking Alpha) 

“FREL” turns out to be quite a nice option, especially for Fidelity Brokerage clients.


JP Morgan Trims Clients' Europe Exposure By Selling Own ETF (Bloomberg)

Nearly half a billion dollars has left “BBEU.”


Time To Stock Up On Quality? (BlackRock)

Quality stocks can shine in volatile markets and as the business cycle ages.


Best Case Recession (Wealth of Common Sense)
Is anyone bullish right now?


REITs Stand Out In Trade War Trenches (Invesco)
Domestic REITs have been sheltered from recent macroeconomic challenges.


1 Fix For Liquidity Fears Stalking $4T ETF Market (Bloomberg)

Europe may have an answer for averting disaster.

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