Hot Reads: Buffett Likes Stocks Over Bonds

February 24, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Buffet: Almost Certain Stocks Will Beat Bonds (CNBC)
Warren Buffett says stocks are the place to be invested in for the long haul if interest rates and corporate taxes remain near current levels.


Markets Have Always Been Manipulated (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
There was never a period where markets were completely free from intervention.


Is Market Cap Weighting A Momentum Strategy In Disguise? (Morningstar)
Sort of. Just not the momentum strategy many may think.


State Street Sees Big Outflow In U.S. Stock ETF (Bloomberg)
This ETF saw outflows of almost $600 million.


Low Volatility-Momentum Portfolios (Factor Research)
Low volatility-momentum portfolios in the US outperformed the stock market since 1989.


Ensembles & Rebalancing (Newfound Research) 
An evaluation of a combination of two naïve trend-following strategies.


No Bitcoin ETF Yet (Cointelegraph)
A deep dive into the situation in the U.S. 


Millions of Chinese Firms Face Collapse (Bloomberg)
Virus outbreak puts millions of small businesses at risk.

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