Hot Reads: The Case Against Small Caps

June 12, 2019

Compiled by Staff


The Case Against Small Caps (CFA Blog)
Long-term data from the U.S. stock market is an argument against the small cap premium.


Why Facebook Was Dropped From ESG Index (Indexology)
Privacy issues relating to users' personal data and hacking lowered the company's ESG score.


Investors See ‘Material Risk’ In Ignoring ESG (Institutional Investor)
Asset owners expect environmental factors to outweigh traditional financial data in five years.


Are New Marijuana ETFs Dead On Arrival? (Motley Fool)
Fund managers still looking at cannabis space despite recent setbacks.


Why You Should Buy Growth ETFs Now (Zacks)
After the worst May since 2010, stocks are rebounding, and growth names look promising.


Cross Section Of Emerging Market Stock Returns (Alpha Architect) 
The Fama-French five-factor model also applies to emerging markets. 


SPYD’ Is A Long-Term Buy (Seeking Alpha) 
"SPYD" yields over 4%, an income level investors may want to lock in for the longer term.


Put As Many Money Decisions On Autopilot As You Can (Abnormal Returns)
We don't need complicated budgets to succeed financially.

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