Hot Reads: Consider Active Factor Rotation

October 01, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Macro & Momentum Factor Rotation (Newfound Research) 
While many investors have adopted a multifactor approach to style investing, some have pushed these boundaries by advocating for an active, rotational approach to factor allocation.


Volatility Products For Advisors (Advisor Perspectives)
Despite increased popularity, some advisors reluctant to reenter these products that saw so much turmoil in February.


Secular Decline In Long-Term Rates Over (Seeking Alpha) 
Long-term bond yields have collapsed in recent months, signaling a "blow-off top" in the long-term bond market. Consider the ProShares UltraShort 20+ Year Treasury ETF (TBT).

Index Construction Matters In US Small Cap (Indexology) 
Inclusion criteria can have a meaningful impact on an index's performance.

SoFi Refunds Investors For Tax Hit (Investment News) 
The firm's robo advisor moved clients into in-house ETFs, which incurred capital gains.

Factor Olympics Q3 2019 (Factor Research) 
Low volatility produced the best and value the worst performance year to date.


RIA In A Box Adds Free Access (ThinkAdvisor)
Also, Fidelity unveils new approach to ESG investing for advisors.


Are ETFs That Hide Their Holdings Coming For Your Mutual Fund? (Bloomberg)
After 10+ years, ActiveShares ETFs almost ready to launch.

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