Hot Reads: Consumer Non-Cyclical ETFs Outperform

April 06, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Consumer Non-Cyclical ETFs Outperform (Investopedia)
Group represents top-performing sector over past five days.


Why This Isn't Another Great Depression (CNBC)
The context of this economic collapse is different this time.


Oil Negotiators Race for Global Pact (Bloomberg)
Saudi Arabia, Russia and other large oil producers are racing to negotiate a deal to stem the historic price crash.


2019 Was Bad For Active Management. Will 2020 Be Better? (Institutional Investor)
Equity & bond managers underperformed their benchmarks last year, even before accounting for fees.


Short Bets "Collapsed" On $39B Credit ETF (Bloomberg)
Short interest in 'LQD' fell from 17.6% to 1.48%.


The Irresistible Force (The Irrelevant Investor)
We are watching the irresistible force meet the immovable object.



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