Hot Reads: Crypto Clash With SEC Looms

August 28, 2019

Compiled by Staff


SEC Chief's Crypto Skepticism Sets Up Facebook Clash Over Libra (Bloomberg)

Chairman Clayton says innovation won't trump securities laws.


DFA Vs. SPDR In Sector ETFs (WM)
Dimensional Fund Advisors’ factor-based portfolios were meant to compete with SPDR’s better-known ETFs in sector investing. Which approach has come out on top?


Monetary Policy Cure Killing The Patient (SPDR)

Everyone has apparently stopped believing real positive rates signal a healthy economy.


Yield Curve & Timing The Market (Wealth Of Common Sense)
You really can’t use the yield curve to predict a recession.


Stocks Yielding More Than 30-Year Bond (CNBC)
For the first time since 2009, S&P 500′s dividend is yielding more than 30-year Treasury bonds.


Factor Investing On A Country Level (Factor Research)

An analysis of common equity factors at the country level as well as an evaluation of how to combine these in a multifactor portfolio.


Not My Guru (Humble Dollar)
Analysis of the performance of David Swensen’s suggested model for regular investors indicates it underperforms a conventional portfolio.


6 Big Changes That Could Transform ETF Market (ThinkAdvisor)

Some will increase the number of ETFs; others could restrict them.

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