Hot Reads: Deceptive Micro Cap ETF

April 10, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Deceptive Micro-Cap ETF (Seeking Alpha) 
If you look under the hood, “IWC” isn't really a micro-cap fund at all. 


The Case For Dividend Investing (SPDR)
Three reasons investors would be well served to consider dividend-focused strategies.


Stock Pickers Love ETFs That Hide Assets. Investors May Not (Bloomberg)
SEC plans to issue order approving Precidian's structure.


Fighting 'Algorithm' Wars (Invesco)
In a landscape dominated by quants and AI, how can a manager set themselves apart?


ESG-Themed ETFs Gaining Traction (
Industry trying to do more to educate investors on the benefits of ESG-related investments.


Art Of Decision Making (Abnormal Returns) 
It's what investing’s all about.


Opportunity Brewing With Midcap ETFs (Yahoo)
Among the many asset classes that performed well in the first quarter were midcap stocks.


Remarkable New Factor: Cash Conversion Cycle (Alpha Architect)
In the ever-growing factor soup, this one seems to actually matter.

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