Hot Reads: Did A Passive ETF Go Active?

December 16, 2019

Compiled by Staff


How Passive Is That Passive ETF? (Bloomberg)

New lawsuit alleges 'HSPX' actively traded to outperform its index.


Complete Guide To ESG Investing (CNBC)

Funds that consider a company’s environmental, social and governance factors grew to more than $30 trillion in 2018. 


Why Big Tech Won't Rule The Next Decade (Institutional Investor)

High-growth stocks for the next decade will be in gene therapies and water, says UBS.


Advisor Predictions On Next Year's Economy (Investment News)

The 2020 election is a top concern among advisors.


The Three Year Crisis Cycle (Bloomberg)

Every three years or so something drags the bull market to the brink of extinction, before a last-minute escape.


Top 10 ETF & Indexing Stories Of 2019 (Morningstar)

The year put an exclamation point on a decade marked by the ascendance of ETFs.


Does This Make Any Sense? (A Wealth Of Common Sense) 

A look at the world in a series of charts that consider various metrics. 


Using The BlackRock Geopolitical Risk Index (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views) 

The index is worth watching for any investor that focuses on risk-on/risk-off  factors. 


Mind The Gap: Inequality & Diversification (Elm Partners)

Understanding the origins of wealth inequality is critical in the debate over what, if anything, to do about it. 

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