Hot Reads: Dividend Investing For Novices

May 31, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Dividend Investing For Novice Investors (US News & World Report)
Mutual funds and ETFs with dividends are two options for investors.


Goldman Steers Stock Pickers Toward ETFs (Bloomberg)
Active fund managers faced with dwindling liquidity and frequent blowups in individual stocks should use ETFs to navigate the market tumult, Goldman Sachs says.


Why Cybersecurity Matters To Investors (BlackRock)
Cybersecurity is key for investors to monitor, especially amid rising geopolitical tensions.


LPL Cuts ETF Fees For RIAs (Think Advisor)
Transaction costs for State StreetInvesco and WisdomTree ETFs to drop in H2 2019.


Many Institutions Confuse ESG With Socially Responsible Investing (Chief Investment Officer)
New paper argues the purpose of ESG is to improve performance, not change the world.


Trump To Impose Tariffs On Mexico Starting June 10 (CNBC)
Administration threatens to raise from 5% to 25% over immigration.


Investors Need 'Steel Stomach' To Buy Into Energy ETFs (CNBC)
One expert advised steel-stomached investors seek value in drilling companies rather than oil-service companies.


How Sustainable Development Can Be Unsustainable (Seeking Alpha)
An in-depth analysis of “SDG” and what it offers investors. 


Skewness Effect In Commodities (Alpha Architect)
The lottery/skewness effect in commodities is attractive and can act as a portfolio insurance device.

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