Hot Reads: Don’t Overlook This Multifactor ETF

July 16, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Don't Overlook This Multifactor ETF (MarketWatch)
“VFMF” quietly attracting a following in a crowded space.


6 Big Changes That Could Transform ETFs (Think Advisor)
Some will increase the number of ETFs. Others could restrict it.


Overplayed, Turbohyped, Underwhelming World Of AI (Institutional Investor)
Everyone claims they're “doing” it. What to ask to find the truth. 


3 Investing Ideas For The 2nd Half (BlackRock)
BlackRock advises a modestly more defensive stance while favoring risk assets. 


How Trump Could Start A Currency War (CNN)
There's growing speculation that Trump officials will take concrete steps aimed at knocking down the dollar.


Pathetic Protection Via Protective Puts (Alpha Architect)
Review of a paper challenging view that put options are most direct, effective approach to protecting a portfolio against large losses.


VWOB’ Has Large Noninvestment Grade Exposure (Seeking Alpha) 
“VWOB” has considerable credit risk; nearly half of its bonds are noninvestment grade.

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