Hot Reads: Dumping Winners, Buying Losers

September 11, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Investors Dump Winners, Buy Less-Loved Stocks (CNBC)
The cheapest stocks are being snapped up, while many of the most expensive companies, or those with the highest price to earnings ratios, are being sold.

Despite Valuation, This Defensive ETF Is Compelling (Morningstar)
Concerns over the valuations of “USMV’s” holdings are overblown.


Value Investing's Heady Days Gone For Good? (Institutional Investor)
Researchers say value's underperformed longer than commonly believed.


6 Economic Predictions For The Next 5 Years (ThinkAdvisor)
Northern Trust says beware of a global slowdown and "stuckflation."


3 Phases Of ESG Fixed Income Investing (ThinkAdvisor)
Morningstar outlines what advisors need to know in selecting these funds.


Many Gen Xers Too Bogged Down With Debt To Save For Retirement (ThinkAdvisor)
Generation faces "financial pressure on all sides," says study.


Brexit Angst Hits Largest Europe ETF (Bloomberg)
Investors have pulled record amounts from “'VGK.”


The Volfefe Index Explained (VOX) 
The president's tweets move markets. Now J.P. Morgan is tracking their impact.


Preserve Capital With Short-Term Treasury ETF (Seeking Alpha)
“SHV” has a lot to recommend it in the current environment.


When The Market’s Gone Nowhere (Wealth Of Common Sense) 
The market's movements have been pretty mild in the last year and a half, with relatively low volatility.


Macroeconomic Guessing Game (WisdomTree)
Assessing the latest moves from the Fed, the European Central Bank and precious metals.

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