Hot Reads: ESG Funds Weathering Virus Storm

March 05, 2020

Compiled by Staff


ESG Funds Weathering Coronavirus Correction Better Than Most (Morningstar)
Funds like 'SUSA' and 'DSI' have outperformed 'IVV'.

3 Risks In Selecting Thematic Funds (Evidence-Based Investor)
Some best practices for choosing from this expansive universe.


How Stocks Perform After The Fed Cuts Rates (Of Dollars And Data)
A historical analysis of U.S. stock returns and rate cuts.


BlackRock’s $22B ‘TIP’ Adds Most Since 2015 After Fed Rate Cut (Bloomberg)
At least one corner of the $4.4 trillion ETF market is betting the Fed can juice inflation.


What You Should Buy In A Recession (Reformed Broker)
Returns are actually more predictable in times of crisis.


Domestic Fixed Income Factor Implementations (Newfound Research)
A method of applying momentum, value and carry signals in long-only portfolios.


Options-Based ETPs Gaining Favor (WM)
There are a lot of “options” in these ETPs that promise protection. Not all of them should be relied on for diversification.


Fed May Have To Cut Rates To Zero (CNN Money)
The Federal Reserve's quest to avoid a coronavirus-fueled recession may just be getting started.


Today Was Weird (The Irrelevant Investor)
The S&P 500 was up more than 4%, but some of the market internals didn’t exactly scream "everybody back in the pool."


Beginning Of The End For Sector ETFs?  (CNBC)
Jim Cramer thinks recent market volatility will kill the appeal of passive sector ETFs. 

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