Hot Reads: ESG Helps Drive ETF Boom

January 27, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Boom In ETFs Continues With ESG (CNBC)
ETF growth will continue into 2020 and beyond, but not without challenges.


Why Indexing’s Growth Can Benefit All Investors (Evidence-Based Investor)
Objections to passive investing and governance are flawed.


Top 10 ETF Picks For 2020 (The Street)
New year likely will be more of a stock-picker’s market: Investors will need to be more selective to generate outsized gains.


Asset Managers Lock Horns With $7T Prize Up For Grabs (Bloomberg)
Champions of active nontransparent ETFs to gauge appetite.


Hedge Fund Activists Pivot To ESG (Institutional Investor)
A handful of “name-brand” activists have started taking on environmental and social issues at public companies, says Cerulli.


US-China Trade Deal: Paradox For Markets? (Invesco)
It may be both inconsequential and extremely important.


3 Trends To Watch In The Chinese New Year (BlackRock)
Key long-term trends in China as a new decade and the 12-year lunar new year cycle begin.


Could The Tail Wag The Dog? (WisdomTree)
Investors should consider many factors when looking for forward guidance on global interest rate trends.

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