Hot Reads: ESG Strategies Under Gov't Scrutiny

August 27, 2020

Compiled by Staff


ESG Proponents Weigh Impact Of Increased Regulatory Scrutiny (Wealth Management)
Recent moves by the DoL and SEC are causing ESG advocates to question what impact the scrutiny may have on its accelerated growth.


Red Hot Nasdaq Poised To Double Inside Of 2 Years (Bloomberg)
The tech-heavy benchmark has gained 89% since the end of 2018.


Need You Beware These ‘Value Traps’? (Institutional Investor)
Certain stocks and industries may trip up value managers.


Fed Seen Holding Rates At Zero For 5 Years (Advisor Perspectives)
New approach likely to result in policymakers taking a more relaxed view toward inflation.


ETFs For Investing Like Buffett (
How investors can add some of Buffett's current holdings to their portfolios.


Moving Away From A Quality ETF (CNBC)
Astoria Portfolio Advisors CIO John Davi explains why the firm is shifting away from a popular quality ETF.


Are Tech IPOs Worth The Hype? (Visual Capitalist)
The technology sector is at the forefront of IPO activity, both in terms of size and publicity.


Making Sense Of Disconnect Between Stocks & Economy (Validea)
We need to understand the reasons behind the bifurcation and the takeaways.


ETF Industry Shakeout Accelerating (Wealth Professional)
Figures show record number of closures as industry matures and some strategies backfire.

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