Hot Reads: ESG Unbowed in Europe

Plus, why Morgan Stanley chose to embrace ESG in its new ETF lineup.

Reviewed by: Heather Bell
Edited by: Heather Bell

Interest in Low-Carbon Strategies Growing, European ETF Survey Finds (Pensions & Investments)
Most investors expect Europe's ESG ETF market to remain stable or expand this year, according to a recent survey.


Morgan Stanley Doubles Down on ESG Despite the Politics (Bloomberg)
The firm is offering a slew of new financial products in the face of Republican politicization of the investment strategy.


What European Business Makes of the Green-Subsidy Race (The Economist)
A lesson from America’s Inflation Reduction Act is that size isn’t everything.


Large Hong Kong-Listed ETFs Showed Resilience in 2022 (Financial Times)
But many smaller rivals focused on China and the tech sector suffered a terrible year as investors fled.


US Stock Market Returns Over Rolling 1/5/10/20 Year Periods (The Big Picture)
A look at historical returns cam provide some context for investors.


How to Pay 0% Capital Gains Taxes With a Six-Figure Income in 2023 (CNBC)
The IRS made dozens of inflation adjustments for 2023, including the long-term capital gains brackets, applying to investments held for more than one year.


Choosing Between Look-Alike ETFs & Mutual Funds (Kiplinger’s)
If you're trying to choose between ETFs and mutual funds, some factors to help you decide are how you trade and the type of account you plan to use.

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