Hot Reads: An ETF For Fallen Debt Angels

July 12, 2019

Compiled by Staff


A Fund For Fallen Angels (Morningstar)
Fallen angels are bonds that were investment grade when they were first issued, but their quality has since slipped below that.


Blogger Wisdom: Genuine Surprises (Abnormal Returns)
Financial bloggers talk about the one thing they were surprised to learn or that changed their mind on something in the past year.


ZIG’ When The Market Zags (Seeking Alpha)
“ZIG” is a deep value fund focused on long positions in "fair companies at wonderful prices" and short positions in highly overvalued or failing companies.


MSCI Adds ESG Ratings To 32K Funds & ETFs (ThinkAdvisor)
Ratings are on a scale from AAA (leader) to CCC (laggard).


Are Small Cap REITS Undervalued? (MainStay)
There are several reasons why the segment is trading at a substantial discount to large caps.


Debunking Myths Of A Model Portfolio Approach (WisdomTree)
ETF model portfolios can help advisors save time, so why aren’t more advisors adopting them?

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