Hot Reads: ETF Gold & Silver Holdings Soaring

April 15, 2020

Compiled by Staff


ETF Gold & Silver Holdings Soar In April (Kitco)
These ETF holdings have risen sharply so far this month, along with prices.


Short Bets On Junk ETF Near Record After Fed Backstop (Bloomberg)
Short interest in 'HYG' just 1% from record high.


Shale Giants Clash Over Oil-Production Cap (Bloomberg)
Opponents of OPEC-style oil quotas in Texas insinuated that some drillers are supporting such restrictions for selfish reasons such as voiding contractual obligations.


Why This Recession Will Be Different (Politico)
An expert on recessions explains what’s so strange about this one and why this pandemic wasn’t a “black swan” event.


Will Mutual Funds Get Second Wind ... As ETFs? (MarketWatch)
It’s legally possible, but logistically a challenge. And someone’s got to go first.


Stock Market Not Your Benchmark (Wealth Of Common Sense)
Are most investors now bullish, bearish or confused-ish?


Targeted ETF Tracks Medical Breakthroughs (
SBIO,” which focuses on medical breakthroughs, gives investors exposure to cutting-edge innovations in health care.


Comparing The COVID-19 Crisis With The Great Financial Crisis  (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
While there are some similarities between the two, every crisis is different.


Why An Unconstrained Approach To Volatility Management Matters (Natixis)
Sector constraints may lead to unintended consequences, particularly with strategies that do not fit within a traditional mold.

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