Hot Reads: ETF Investors Behind The Curve

February 04, 2019

Compiled by Staff


ETF Investors Can't Stop Chasing Last Year's Trends (Bloomberg)

Energy soaring? Health care slipping? You wouldn't know it from ETF flows.


China Ineffective In Reviving Economy (CNBC)
So far, the measures the country has taken have been fairly ineffective and they haven’t produced the rebound in economic growth.


No Shortcuts To Investment Success (Morningstar)

It's hard to beat the market, but that's not necessary for investment success.


Thoughts On Gold (Belle Curve)

As a metal, it's great, but as an investment ...


Personal Look At Bogle's Impact On ETFs (Pensions & Investments) 

While he wasn't always a fan, he was key in the development of ETFs as an investment vehicle. 


Bond Markets Have Gone High Tech (BlackRock)

Electronic trading and ETFs radically changed how bonds are bought and sold.


When Your ETF Is Closing (MarketWatch) 
What happens when an ETF you own is closing and what you can do.


Understanding ETFs' Wonky Cousin (Bloomberg) 
Key differences exist between ETFs and ETNs. 


What’s The Score With ESG Investing? (Think Advisor)

You have to dig deeper.


Closer Look At Vanguard's Active Factor ETFs (Morningstar)

They aren't groundbreaking, but they have a good chance at success.

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