Hot Reads: ETF Investors Dump Gold

April 30, 2021

Compiled by Staff


ETF Investors Dump $17B Of Gold (Forbes)
ETF investors dumped the highest volume of gold since 2013 over the six months through March 31.


All-Stars Thematic ETF Will Surf Hot Trends (FA Magazine)
Amplify’s next product will select its holdings from a wide range of popular themes.


Role Of Active ETFs In Income Portfolios (Seeking Alpha)
Can active credit ETFs provide attractive options in this environment for income portfolios?


What Biden’s Infrastructure Bill Means For Muni Market (Parametric Portfolio)
Will a corporate tax increase shift muni demand? Are Build America Bonds returning?


Is ESG Inherently Inflationary? (FA Magazine)
Digging into a complex question about ethical investing.


Investing In Freedom In Emerging Markets (Validea)
Can you invest in only the countries most free within EM and boost your returns?


100 Days Later, Is Sustainable Investing Any Easier? (Institutional Investor)
President Biden pledged to fight climate change in his first 100 days in office. Here’s how he did.


Wealthfront Gives Investors More Choice In Funds, Hints At Crypto (WM)
In a major change for the firm, Wealthfront is adding the option for investors to choose select funds for their portfolios, with "hundreds" of ETFs soon to come.


Days Of Future Past (The Reformed Broker)
Whatever just happened starts to feel like it is the thing most likely to happen next.


Stock Market Performance Anything But Average (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
Investing in the stock market would bemuch easier if you could simply bank on 10% year in and year out. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

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