Hot Reads: ETF Issuers On Big Market Risks

October 07, 2019

Compiled by Staff


ETF Issuers On Biggest Market Risks (CNBC)
Disruptive technologies will be a headline risk for all investors in the coming years.


5 Major Equity ETFs Held Key Levels At Recent Lows (Seeking Alpha)
A technical analyst breaks down the performance of some of the most popular equity funds.


BNDX Is Low Cost, But Allocation Problematic (Seeking Alpha) 
The Vanguard Total International Bond ETF (BNDX) has some undesirable country allocations.

China Narrows Scope For Trade Deal (Bloomberg)
Chinese officials are signaling they’re increasingly reluctant to agree to a broad trade deal.


Stock Havens Cost More, Right When Investors Need Them (Bloomberg)
ETF investors continue to favor defensive sectors.


Low Volatility Vs. Option-Based Strategies (Factor Research)
Option-based strategies have similar characteristics to low volatility portfolios.


Why Aren't Advisors Warming Up To ESG? (Investment News)
For ESG funds to take off, they need more buy-in from the advisory community.


What's The Downside In Real Estate? (MSCI)
Why real estate has corrected less often than stocks and corrections have correlated with recessions.


5 Intriguing New Sustainable Funds (Morningstar)
'SNPE' and 'NUHY' are among the most intriguing ESG funds of 2019.


401(k) Plans Lag In ESG Investing (Investment News)
Investor zeal for socially responsible investing hasn't translated to more options.


ETFs: Are Retail Investors Missing Out On The Message? (Financial Times)
Poor financial literacy, reluctance to discuss money and poor access blamed for low take-up.


3 Lessons Investors Can Learn From University Endowments (Invesco)
Some investment principles apply whether you’re saving for retirement or funding a college campus.

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