Hot Reads: ETF & Stock Volumes Exploding

June 09, 2020

Compiled by Staff


ETF & Stock Volumes Exploding (Investopedia)
Big money buying data last week was immense.


Bond Pros Want Structural Change (Institutional Investor)
The market downturn exposed problems with bond pricing integrity. Market participants say a fix is overdue.


It’s Official: The U.S. Recession Began in February (Bloomberg)
The recession could be short with activity already picking up.

Race, Riots & Markets (Investor Amnesia)

History doesn't repeat, but it often rhymes.


5 ETF Areas Up At Least 20% Last Week (Zacks)
These included leisure, energy, REITs, commodities and high beta.


1st Of Its Kind Racial Empowerment ETF Flying Under The Radar (MarketWatch)
Maybe it shouldn’t be.


It Could've Been Me (Berknell)
One financial advisor's personal experience with racial inequity.


ETF Activity May Make The Stock Market More Efficient (Alpha Architect)
ETFs improve the link between short-run fundamentals and stock prices.


A New Wrinkle in the Negative Oil Price Mystery (Bloomberg)
Add another possible cause for oil prices going negative for the first time ever in April: the day-trader effect.


Do Alts Dampen Portfolio Volatility? (CFA)
Don't expect alternative investments to dampen risk.


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