Hot Reads: The ETF Takeover Continues

January 28, 2020

Compiled by Staff


ETFs Continue Taking Over Investing (CNBC)
This is what everyone’s talking about.


Wall St. Rushes To Price In Virus Fallout Across Options Land (Bloomberg)
Moves occurring across equity volatility, credit risk and FX options.


Top 4 Themes Driving ETF Industry This Year (CNBC Edge)
Industry pros think these ETF themes will take hold in 2020.


Fighting US FOMO (Flirting With Models)
U.S. investors may feel FOMO after strong years in the market; battling this feeling is important for their portfolios’ health.


Study: ‘Buy Debt’ Is Top ETF Strategy When Markets Fall (Bloomberg)
Perceptions of liquidity could account for regional difference.


Value Investing’s Neglected Tool? (CFA Institute)
Why do value investors so rarely write calls on their long positions?


Socially Conscious ETFs Have Some Baffling Holes (Bloomberg)
Surprising exclusions from ESG funds cause them to lag the broader market.


New Mobile Trading App Aims To Omit Advisors (Wealth Mgmt)
The firm behind “iFlip” says it uses algorithms created by Wall Street banks.


Alphabet Soup Of Responsible Investing Needs Good Stir (Bloomberg)
Does the market for low-cost index trackers designed to save planet have a fundamental problem?

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