Hot Reads: The ETFs Beating SPY's Top Stocks

August 21, 2020

Compiled by Staff


11 ETFs Beat Amazon & Apple Stock (Investor’s Business Daily)
A small group of ETFs and ETNs are showing it’s possible to outperform some of the S&P 500’s top stocks with high-risk bets.


Net Worth Is America’s Secret Economic Weapon (Bloomberg)
The net worth of American households may be at a record high, thanks to the soaring prices of stocks and homes.


Statistics Are Bloodless Things (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
This is an awkward and bizarre time for the stock market to be hitting all-time highs.


Tech's Magnificent Seven Are Worth $7.7B (CNN Money) 
The titans of tech dominate the stock market.


Academics Attack ESG For Failure To Outperform (Institutional Investor)
New research refutes claim of outperformance during pandemic.


Robinhood's Most Popular ETFs Show Oil Speculation (The Globe & Mail)
'GUSH', 'USO' and 'UCO' among top-owned funds.


5G ETF Coming Of Age At Just The Right Time (Benzinga)
'FIVG' is taking off just as the 5G revolution is doing the same.


Conflicting Treasury Market Signals Keep Investors Guessing (Capital Spectator)
The Treasury market suggests inflation expectations are rebounding—or the outlook for economic growth is weakening.


Overwhelming Opposition To Proposed Limit Of ESG In Retirement Plans (Morningstar)
Investors take exception to the DoL proposal in public comments.


Pfizer Vaccine On Track For Review In October (Bloomberg)
Some analysts expect a vaccine to be approved for use by November in the U.S.

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