Hot Reads: ETFs To Buy When Interest Rates Fall

August 15, 2019

Compiled by Staff


9 ETFs To Buy When Interest Rates Fall (US News & World Report)
Many investors seek alternatives to Treasuries when interest rates get this low.


What To Do As Market Tanks (CNBC)
One behavioral finance expert warns about doing this one thing.


Hong Kong ETF Soars To 5-Yr High As Crisis Deepens (Bloomberg)
"EWH" climbs in U.S. hours amid trade talks, tariff delays.


What's Scarier Than The Inverted Yield Curve? (ThinkAdvisor)
Treasury market sending ominous sign about the future of interest rates.


Cliff Asness: Bonds Are ‘Frickin' Expensive’ (Institutional Investor)
AQR founder came to that conclusion after analyzing 10-year yields.


Don't Worry, Be Happy Fixed Income ETFs Exist (SPDR)
Bond funds not the harbinger of doom they're played up to be.


Size Matters for Active Large Cap Fund Performance (Indexology)
Exploring the effect of size on active large cap equity funds’ performance.


Interest Rates, Inflation & Market Valuation (Wealth Of Common Sense) 
Market constantly evolving; so are relationships between market valuations and things like interest rates and inflation.

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