Hot Reads: ETFs Driving Gold Market

May 05, 2020

Compiled by Staff


ETFs Are Holding Up The Gold Market (MarketWatch)
ETFs bought 298 tonnes of the yellow metal in the first quarter.


Stock Markets Have Been Extraordinary In 2020 (The Economist)
How this year's crash differs from bear markets of the past.


Big Tech Immune To Coronavirus (CNBC)
As many sectors reported devastation from the economic downturn, tech companies have proven largely resilient.


NY Fed To Begin Buying ETFs In ‘Early May’ (Bloomberg)
Corporate debt purchases to begin “soon thereafter,” Fed says.


This Version Of Warren Buffett (The Reformed Broker)
We haven’t quite seen the end yet, but it’s close.


Active Vs. Passive Investing In A COVID-19 World (ThinkAdvisor)
Here are three reasons the tides may be turning.


Merger Arbitrage: Arbitraged Away? (Factor Research)
As AUM in merger arbitrage has increased, alpha has decreased.


Why Passively Investing In Active Methods May Not Work (Alpha Architect)
A review of a study that lists five pitfalls to passive investment in active strategies.


How To Rethink Your Retirement Income Strategy (CNBC)
The coronavirus-induced economic upheaval is taking a toll on a popular source of investment income for retirees: dividends.


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