Hot Reads: ETFs To Hedge Against Market Turmoil

May 14, 2019

Compiled by Staff


ETFs To Hedge Against Market Turmoil (CNBC)
Low vol ETFs can dampen volatility in your portfolio. 


Why Machines May Replace Active Bond Managers (Institutional Investor)
Active bond fund managers’ outperformance largely explained by factors that could be replicated by a machine, says Invesco.


Strategic Beta: Widely Known, Little Understood (Wealth Management)
New survey finds advisors know about strategic beta investing, but few are confident using it.


Correcting For Home Country Bias In Int’l Stocks (SPDR)
Home country bias can be an overlooked detriment to your portfolio.


Market Pricing In A 2019 Fed Cut (Bloomberg)
Amid worries about the U.S.-China trade spat, traders are more convinced a quarter-point Fed rate cut is coming this year. 


What’s Behind REIT ETF Rebound (MainStay)
Real estate investment trusts off to strong start in 2019.  


Capturing Small Cap Promise In ETFs (MarketWatch)
Large cap stocks have outpaced their small cap rivals this year, but things could be changing.


Defined Outcome ETFs For Downside Protection (Zacks) 
Innovator Capital Management CEO Bruce Bond explains how his firm's defined outcome ETFs work and what role they can play in a portfolio.


Big Risk Lurking In ETF Markets (Institutional Investor)
Credit ratings agency Moody's issues warning about liquidity in ETF market. 

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