Hot Reads: Exploring ETF Alternative to ‘SPY’

August 14, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Exploring ETF Alternatives To SPY (SeekingAlpha)
Most investors consider “SPY” to be the “gold standard” for ETF exposure to the S&P 500. Here are several ETFs to test that theory against.


Bonds Meet The Criteria For A Bubble (Bloomberg)
The good thing is there’s presently no catalyst to burst it. 


REITs Not A True Alternative (Morningstar)
They're just stocks that look a little different.  


Quant Strategies: Theory Vs. Reality (Factor Research) 
Live performance of quant strategies significantly worse than in backtesting, but factor investing returns from research frequently challenged as overstated.


Most Stocks Underperform Cash (Alpha Architect)
Only 1.3% of all global stocks accounted for 100% of the net wealth creation.


Eliminating Factor Home Bias (BlackRock)
Investors seek to capture factors in their U.S. allocations. Why not internationally, too?


Seduction Of Above Average (Dollars & Data)
How you can trick yourself into trying to beat the market.


Vanguard ESG ETFs Drop 30 Stocks (Barron's)
Portfolios drop gun makers, private prisons and more.


Pump It Up (WisdomTree)
Tumultuous market events that kicked off August have been a not-so-subtle reminder that volatility appears to be here to stay.

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