Hot Reads: Factor Funds See Extreme Quarter

July 14, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Battle Of The Factors: Low Vol Vs. High Beta (Indexology)
In Q2, nearly every factor’s return was at the extreme of its historical distribution.


Prepare For Tax Hit From Mutual Fund Gain Distributions (Parametric)
Managers and other shareholders play a big role in how much tax you pay on mutual funds.


3 Socially Responsible ETFs For Impact Investing (Forbes)
The idea of investing in companies that “do well by doing good” is growing in popularity.


Billions Flow Into Quant ETFs Behaving Like The S&P 500 (Bloomberg)
Purest smart beta funds see outflows as watered-down peers win


Invesco To License Fidelity’s Active Equity ETF Strategy (ThinkAdvisor)
Also, RBB plans to offer Precidian Investment’s nontransparent ETF structure on its turnkey platform.


What Advisors Need To Know About Learning Client ESG Preferences (Morningstar)
Research shows that investors can incorporate ESG and also earn strong returns.


Get Ready For An Awful Earnings Season (CNN)
Major companies are about to tell investors how they fared as the coronavirus swept over America.

60/40 Portfolio Runs Into Trouble (Wealth Management)
With Treasury yields hovering around zero, money managers are looking to securities that have more potential to rally.


Re-Examining Diversification: A 20/20 Perspective (Acadian)
Three principles to guide diversification that can withstand a crisis.


VBR May Continue To Underperform (Seeking Alpha)
The Vanguard Small-Cap Value ETF (VBR) has little concentration risk to individual stocks but has a high exposure to cyclical sectors.


Cap-Weighted Benchmarks: Good Momentum Bets? (FactorResearch)
A study finds that investors should seek smart beta and long-short products if they want momentum exposure.


Reading The Signs (Humble Dollar) 
A look at how  to interpret five useful financial indicators. 


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