Hot Reads: Morgan Stanley Buying E-Trade

February 20, 2020

Compiled by Staff



Morgan Stanley Buying E-Trade (CNBC)
Morgan Stanley, the tony investment bank for rich Americans and corporations, is making a play for the masses.


Factor Investing Update: Analysis Of 2019 Int'l Returns (Alpha Architect)
In 2019, most value measures failed, while non-value factors had mixed performance. 


Can Legg Mason Deal Revive Franklin’s ‘Glory Days’? (ThinkAdvisor)
Fund firm has been stuck near $700 billion in AUM for the past 18 months vs. a peak of $921 billion in mid-2014.


Transitioning A Firm To ESG (Morningstar)
Advisors share how they integrated ESG into their practice.


ETF Industry Leaders Talk 2020’s Top Themes (ETF Edge)
Cloud computing and robotics are just a few of investors’ top choices.


Hedge Fund Indexing Comes Out Of The Closet (Institutional Investing)
At least 7 funds counted 'SPY' as their largest U.S. long position at the end of 2019.


JP Morgan's Japan ETF Bleeds Cash While Europe Fund Thrives (Bloomberg)
'BBJP' headed toward worst month of withdrawals ever.


The Corona Virus & Palladium Bubble (Seeking Alpha)
The coronavirus has led to a crash in auto sales, which could lead to a drop in palladium demand. 


Bubble In Tech & Defensive Stocks May Collapse (CNBC)
A bubble has formed in defensive and low-volatility stocks as coronavirus fears drove a record number of investors to those pockets of the market, according to JPMorgan’s quant guru Marko Kolanovic.

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