Hot Reads: Factor Rotation With Staying Power

September 24, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Factor Rotation With Staying Power (BlackRock)
Has momentum's moment passed?


India’s ‘Trump’ Card: Tax Cuts (WisdomTree)
What India’s latest boost to economic growth means to different sectors and investors.


DJIA: What Is The Dow Index? (US News & World Report)
Behind the world’s oldest and best-known benchmark.


Uncovering The Marvel Of Midcap ETFs (MarketWatch)
Investors finally paying attention to midcaps’ long-term return potential.


Robo Advisors 2019: Still Waiting For The Revolution (Investopedia)
While robo advisors have come a long way, they’re far from mainstream.


Will Investors Outlive Their Savings? (Mathematical Investor)
Is it time to rethink equity/bond mix formulas for target date retirement funds?


SoFi Refunds Investors For Tax Hit Caused By Proprietary ETFs (Investment News)
Action reminds one expert of SEC requirement regarding improper share classes.


Clients' Biggest ESG Investing Questions (ThinkAdvisor)
Advisors should be able to answer these questions, especially from younger investors.


Smart Beta Vs. Alpha + Beta (CFA Institute)
What does factor investing have to do with Buddhism?

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