Hot Reads: Factors Go Global, But Does It Work?

May 23, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Factors Go Int’l (MainStay)
Factors are growing in usage among international equity ETFs, but do they travel well?


Argentina Country ETFs: Mirage Of Strength (SeekingAlpha)
Performance can be explained by the concentrated exposure to LatAm e-commerce and payments leader MercadoLibre, which has gained 95% in 2019.


Why Under-Owned Europe May Be Worth A Look (BlackRock)
Some investment options may benefit from a pickup in European growth.


Fed: No Rate Hikes Even If Economy Improves (CNBC)
Fed officials remained committed to “patient” policy stance at meeting earlier this month, saying rates likely to remain unchanged well into the future.


7 Best ETFs To Beat Back Trade War Worries (Kiplinger)
Funds to battle another round of trade jitters.


SEC Cracks Down On ETF Names That Could Mislead Investors (ThinkAdvisor)
Rule requires at least 80% of a fund's assets be the type of investments suggested by its moniker.


Portfolio Concentration Has Little Sway On Returns (Morningstar)
Concentrated managers tend to charge more, but it doesn't lead to better results.


Striking The Balance Between ETF Trading & Holding Costs (SPDR)
ETF costs are a factor of several technical and process drivers.


Do Advisors Know What Clients Want? (Morningstar)
Our research finds they’re not always on the same page.

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