Hot Reads: Fed Keeps Rates Steady

March 18, 2021

Compiled by Staff


Fed Sees Stronger Economy & Higher Inflation (CNBC)
But it sees no rate hikes in the near future. 


Expensive Reality Of Current Bitcoin Funds (The ETF Educator)
The ability for financial advisors to offer clients cost-effective exposure to bitcoin is still stuck in the dark ages.


10 Surprising Facts About Bitcoin (The Big Picture)
Data points culled from an article by BofA Global Research titled “Bitcoin’s Dirty Little Secrets.”


5G Is Still ‘In Its Infancy’ (ETF Edge)
Here’s what could propel the rollout.


Does Inflation Belong On Our Worry List? (A Teachable Moment)
Is the silent money assassin poised to awake from its long slumber?


3 Reasons Corporate Sustainability Is Even Better Than You Think (CFA Institute)
Being a good company can increase a firm’s stock market value and make it easier to hire and retain key employees.


Global Financial Uncertainty A Complex Cocktail (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
It is a critical component of global macro trading and it has a real economic effect.


Is Quality On Sale? (Validea)
Value funds that incorporate quality exposure could do well going forward.


Who Needs A Digital Dollar? (Jackson Hole Economics)
It’s an idea that has its merits but also could come with potentially high costs and significant risks to the financial system.


A High-Risk, High-Return & High-Yield REIT ETF (Seeking Alpha)
KBWY’ offers investors a strong 8.7% yield, and the possibility of substantial capital gains as economic conditions stabilize.


Fed Keeps Zero-Rate Outlook (ThinkAdvisor)
It also sees the inflation bump as short-lived.

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