Hot Reads: Fidelity Steps Up Vanguard Fee War

July 17, 2019

Compiled by Staff


What's In An ETF Name Change? (FA Mag)
Sometimes a name and ticker change can help a fund stand out.


Fidelity Steps Up Vanguard Fee War (Bloomberg)
Fee war extends into mutual funds. 

Why Biggest Asset Managers Chasing Active ETFs (Investopedia)
New “Shielded Alpha” ETFs may partly solve transparency issue.


Fed About To Spark Market ‘Melt-Up’? (MarketWatch)
A rate cut probably won't lead to a big rally followed by a big crash.


How Josh Brown Invests (Reformed Broker)
It's a mixture of active and passive, mutual funds, individual securities, ETFs, and public and private assets.


Facebook's Libra: Stablecoins Burst On The Scene (VanEck)
Stablecoins are digital assets linked to a lower volatility asset.


ESG: What's Under The Hood (Factor Research)
Investors considering ESG strategies should question if there’s a price to pay for investing in stocks with high ESG scores.


2019 Midyear Persistence Scorecard Highlights  (Indexology)
Persistent outperformance by active managers rose for the three-year period, but fell back over longer periods.

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