Hot Reads: Free Trading Gift To Direct Indexing?

October 03, 2019

Compiled by Staff


How Commission-Free Trading May Hurt ETFs (Forbes)
It boosts the appeal of direct indexing. 


Debunking The Myth That Bond ETFs Overweight Most Indebted Firms (SPDR)
Three reasons why holding market-weighted bond ETFs doesn't mean higher risk.


A New Lens For Measuring Global Diversification (Morningstar)
You might be better diversified than you think.


Best Returns Of The Year Lure 'Believers' To Clean Energy ETFs (Bloomberg)
Flows have caught up to performance for solar fund "TAN."


With ESG, Institutions Don't Walk The Talk (Institutional Investor)
New data shows discrepancy between the number of institutions signing on to sustainability agreements and sustainable AUM.


Trade Fee War: What's The Catch? (WM)
Many advisors are skeptical of the moves, questioning how the firms are going to make up the revenue lost.


Change Happens Slowly, Then All At Once (Abnormal Returns)
A look at the case of zero dollar stock commissions.


BND: A Slightly Warm Potato (Seeking Alpha)
There's been a lot of chatter around the Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF (BND) lately, but keep things in perspective.


Does Size Affect Active Vs. Passive Score Of Small Cap Funds? (Indexology)
An in-depth analysis of the performance of small cap vehicles.


Senior Bonds In Name Only (MSCI) 
Senior nonpreferred bonds are a new category of senior bonds, with some crucial differences.

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