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Hot Reads: The Futility Of New Bond Factors |

Hot Reads: The Futility Of New Bond Factors

February 14, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Chasing New Bond Factors ‘Might Be Futile’ (Institutional Investor)
New research shows most measures are irrelevant in predicting expected bond returns.


Treasury Market Flashes New Warning (Capital Spectator)
Real yields for key maturities in TIPS have slipped into negative terrain lately.


The Biggest Risk In Crypto Today (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
Crypto fraud continues to be a growth industry.


'Price', ETFs & Bond Market Liquidity (Alpha Architect) 
Questionable prices lurk in many fund portfolios, especially those invested in bonds and loans.


Mom & Pop Are Manic About Stocks (Sentiment Trader)
Retail volume has gone parabolic.


3 ESG ETFs You Should Know About, But Don’t (MarketWatch)
The population of this cohort seems like it’s growing by the day.


What New Investors Should Focus On (Reformed Broker)
Most don’t have a good starting point.


Don't Put All Your Eggs In One Factor (CNBC)
Get diversified, multi-factor exposure, argues Global X's Jay Jacobs.

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