Hot Reads: GDP At -20%?

May 13, 2020

Compiled by Staff


What Is GDP Today? About -20% (The Big Picture)
A back-of-the-envelope calculation reveals a startling estimation.


Federal Pension Funds To Halt Investments In Chinese Stocks (CNBC)
President Trump and the Labor Department directed a board in charge of federal retirement dollars to halt plans to invest in Chinese companies.


Does Better Virus Response Lead To Better Stock Market Outcomes? (A Wealth Of Common Sense)
Not necessarily, but there are a lot of other factors involved.


Skulls, Financial Turbulence & Risk Management (Alpha Architect)
Financial turbulence might be a more effective measure than average asset correlations.


The Case Against Value Investing (The Irrelevant Investor)
Maybe investors will stop throwing the baby out with the bath water.


How Much Could You Lose? (Of Dollars & Data)
On the expectation of losses and how to deal with them.


Pimco Is Managing To Do More With Less (Bloomberg)
That means its parent Allianz may yet end up as a key consolidator in the fund management industry.


Straddles & Trend Following (Newfound Research)
A look at the costs associated with popular options strategies, as well as the benefits. 


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