Hot Reads: Gold ETFs At 7-Year High

January 30, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Gold ETFs Hit 7-Year High (Bloomberg)
And it’s not just the virus!


Fidelity Now Offers Fractional Share Trading (ThinkAdvisor)
Move could eventually open the door to more ETFs in 401(k)s, says CFRA’s Todd Rosenbluth.


The Elusive Definition of Risk (Validea)
How do you really measure it?


Should You Buy Amazon ETFs Ahead Of Q4 Earnings? (Zacks)
Being a market leader in e-commerce, it’s worth taking a look at Amazon’s fundamentals ahead of its results.


How To Generate Alpha In 2020 (Wealth Mgmt)
Money managers provide their ETF recommendations at Inside ETFs conference.


Why Market Timing Can Be So Appealing (Of Dollars & Cents)
On the temptation of having cash on the sidelines.


Apocalyptic Thinking (Wealth Of Common Sense)
Have zero trading commissions led to increased trading? 


Fed Not Expected To Move On Interest Rates (Yahoo Finance)
Federal Reserve announced its first interest rate decision of 2020 Wednesday.


What Long-Term Investors Can Learn From Traders (Reformed Broker)
Parsing moving averages, and trading versus investing.


Inside Look At Inside ETFs Conference (Investment News)
Much ado about fees and nontransparent exchange-traded funds.


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