Hot Reads: Gold ETF Demand Red Hot

October 09, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Investors Take Cover As Gold ETFs Post Longest Run In Decade (Bloomberg)

As global tensions escalate, signs of a slowdown mount and equities decline, more investors are turning to gold.


Cannabis ETFs May Falter After Failed IPOs (Investopedia)

Despite expected growth, some analysts now trimming forecasts for cannabis sales.


How To Find The Best Style ETFs (Seeking Alpha)

Some quick tips on how to navigate an increasing number of ETFs in the market.


3 ETFs To Consider For The Value Resurgence (MarketWatch)

Value stocks and exchange-traded funds are on the mend, a theme garnering considerable attention. 


2 ETFs For A Targeted Investment In China (SeekingAlpha)

Is it time to consider a targeted investment in China?


Fed To Expand Its Balance Sheet (CNBC)

The central bank will start growing its balance sheet again, but it won't be QE. 


US-China Relationship Continues To Deteriorate (Bloomberg)

Latest moves signal a tangled mess growing messier.

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