Hot Reads: Gold ETF ‘GLD’ Turns 15

November 18, 2019

Compiled by Staff


’GLD' Turns 15 (CNBC)
It’s been a golden 15 years for the world’s top gold ETF.


How To Invest In Preferred Stock ETFs (U.S. News & World Report)
Preferred stocks perform more like bonds but can also provide income.


Negative Yields? No Big Deal (Institutional Investor)
AQR says that excess return is the only thing their actions affect.


Bond Trade That's Gone From 0 to $88B In 2 Years (Bloomberg)
Wall St. reaps benefits in rise of portfolio trading.


A Positive Twist On Geopolitical Risk? (BlackRock)
Why there's a silver lining in all that global uncertainty.


What Would You Have Done In 2009? (A Wealth Of Common Sense) 
It's hard to say, because no two crashes are ever the same.


Equity Vs. Bond Indices (Factor Research)
A case for active management in fixed income?


Have Regional Equity Market Correlations Risen? (MSCI Blog)
Despite increased global integration trends, investing across geographical borders continued to offer significant diversification opportunities.


Winning By Losing Less (Indexology) 
Looking at the path that the S&P 500 took to arrive at current levels helps us understand why low vol has done so well even in a year when its parent index gained strongly.


Bitcoin Should Hit $150K Before An ETF Can Work (Bloomberg)
The $200 billion cryptocurrency market is far too small for an exchange-traded fund to work, according to Fundstrat Global Advisors' Tom Lee.

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