Hot Reads: Gold In Record Rally

July 09, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Gold Rally Sees ETFs Topping Full-Year Record (Bloomberg)
Traditional haven in favor as pandemic spurs investment demand.


Will Vanguard Crush The SPDR? (MarketWatch)
Technology fund “VGT” just dethroned the industry leader.


Why Haven’t Rising COVID Counts Crushed Stocks? (ThinkAdvisor)
Some Wall Street strategists say there are logical reasons for the disconnect.


‘Low Vol’ In Name, Big Losses In Practice (Institutional Investor)
Did popular strategies fail to live up to their labels in the COVID crash?


US Gasoline Demand Is At Pre-Pandemic Levels (Bloomerg)
But it’s still well below where it usually is at the height of the summer driving season.


How Simple Rules Can Beat The Market (Morningstar)
It all comes down to two well-known factors.


Hottest Hedge Fund Strategy Faces Crisis (Bloomberg)
The long/short hedge-fund strategy is no longer working.


Want To Short High Yield Debt? (Investment News)
There’s an ETF for that.


Schwab Clients Can Now Say ‘Hey Google’ For Account Info (ThinkAdvisor)
The news comes 10 months after TD Ameritrade and E-Trade announced their Google integration efforts.


Indices Made Remarkable Recovery In Q2 (S&P Dow Jones Indices)
Certain indices are within striking distance of their 2020 highs.


Would Integrating ESG In Chinese Equities Have Worked? (MSCI)
Research suggests an ESG overlay could have improved the returns of certain China-focused funds.

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