Hot Reads: Goldman Bets On Smart Beta

April 22, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Goldman ETF Chief On Smart Beta (CNBC)
The big bank has doubled down on smart beta.


Is Direct Indexing The Next $100B Opportunity? (Wealth Management)

Direct indexing offers several new improvements over ETFs.


Healthcare A Case Of Crowded Stocks Unwinding (Bloomberg)

Underlying the carnage in health care stocks is a lesson: Too much love can be a bad thing.


Demographic Trends Still Strong For Health Care Industry (Seeking Alpha) 

Why “VHT” is a good way to play the space.


Beware The Cap Gains ‘Bump Zone’ (Financial Planning)

Kitces walks through how to understand long-term cap gains rates.


AMLP's Shrinking Investor Base (SL Advisors)

Why are investors fleeing this MLP ETF?


Low-Cost ETF Exposure To Developing Economies (Morningstar)

IEMG” offers broad exposure to emerging market growth.

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