Hot Reads: Greenwashing In Climate Change ETFs?

February 02, 2021

Compiled by Staff 


Are Climate Change ETFs Greenwashing? (ETF Stream)
Climate ETFs have $1.3 billion in assets under management across 21 strategies.


GameStop Drama So Big It’s Overshadowing Cathie Wood (Bloomberg)
ARK Invest’s flagship $23 billion fund “ARKK” sees three days without inflows.


Robinhood Raises Another $2.4B (Yahoo)
Robinhood Markets’ biggest backers are plowing money into the beleaguered online brokerage at an unprecedented pace.


Hedge Funds Coordinating Short Squeezes? (Bloomberg)
Carson Block suspects the parabolic moves in some stocks may be caused by hedge funds targeting other hedge funds.


Pressure On Private Equity To Take ESG Seriously (Institutional Investor)
Investors say they lack sustainable options, but most PE firms aren’t ready to increase the number of them anytime soon.


Who Gets Harmed When You Ban Short Selling? (Advisor Perspectives)
Short selling is not evil, and it needs to stay in place if we want to have free markets.


4 ETFs To Hedge Risk In GameStop Marketplace (ETF Focus)
How to protect your portfolio in the recent volatile markets.


Why Customization Is Investing’s 2021 Watchword (Parametric Portfolio)
The benefits of portfolio customization far exceed security selection.


Is The SPAC Boom Hazardous? (Institutional Investor)
That’s the whole point of the new active ETF “SPAK.”


Lawmakers To Hold Hearings On GameStop Trading (ThinkAdvisor)
GameStop incident could speed confirmation of SEC chair.


Feels Like The Game Is Rigged (Irrelevant Investor)
Regarding the stock market, memes aside, lost trust is no laughing matter.


4 Big Trends in 401(k)s, Retirement Plans (ThinkAdvisor)
Look for more emphasis on decumulations, advisor industry experts say.


ETFs, Message Boards & Volatility (Franklin Templeton)
ETF prices are much harder to manipulate than single stocks.

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