Hot Reads: Growth & Momentum Winning

September 03, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Growth, Momentum Pull Further Ahead (Capital Spectator)
Despite the stock market being up for the year, most factors are in negative territory.


3 ETFs That Could Help You Send Your Kids to College (The Motley Fool)
These picks range from the mild to the adventurous.


State Street's "Filtered" ESG Bet (RIA Biz)
'EFIV' represents a 'critical inflection point.'


Large Cap Funds Managed By Women Outperforming In 2020 (ThinkAdvisor)
Only 3% of large cap funds are managed entirely by women; 77% have all-male management teams.


Effects Of Portfolio Construction On Style Factor ETF Performance (Alpha Architect)
How to build a style factor ETF that does what it says.


The Different Shades Of Active Management (Validea)
Does it deserve all the criticism it gets, or does active get a bad rap?


Reasons To Embrace ‘NERD’ Keep Mounting (Benzinga)
This ETF offers investors more esports purity; the data shows that’s an enviable trait.


One Letter Perfectly Captures The Recovery (Bloomberg)
The author once thought it silly to use a letter to describe the economy. Not anymore.



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