Hot Reads: Guide To 25 Most Liquid ETFs

September 13, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Guide To 25 Most Liquid ETFs (Zacks)
There are many misconceptions when it comes to ETF liquidity. 


In ETFs, The Big Aren’t Always Getting Bigger (MarketWatch)
The 20 biggest ETFs together hold $1.33 trillion in assets, but outflows have plagued many of them.


Here's What Else A Yield Curve Inversion Could Mean (Institutional Investor)
New research from AQR goes beyond whether the common indicator can predict a future U.S. recession.


Mom & Pop Buyers Lift ETF's Gold To Record As Traders Bail (Bloomberg)
Gold's rally showing stalling signs; that's highlighting a fissure among ETF investors.


Charging Too Much (Or Too Little) Can Be ‘Fatal’ (Institutional Investor)
Getting fees wrong can cost managers millions in revenue.


How To Diversify Assets When You Own Lots Of Equities (Morningstar)
Long duration is the "Sharpe" choice for aggressive portfolios.


Portion Control Isn't Just For Meal Time (BlackRock)
Building a financial fitness plan has a lot in common with nutrition.


What If Increasing Tension With Iran Derails US-China Trade Talks? (SPDR)
More sanctions on Iran could impede efforts to end the trade war.


Trump Would Consider Interim Deal With China (CNBC)
President Trump signaled Thursday he’d consider an interim trade deal with China, even though he’d prefer a full agreement. 


Can Banks Survive Negative Rates? (Bloomberg)
The spread of unconventional monetary policies threatens to set off dangerous and unpredictable feedback loops.

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