Hot Reads: Hard to Tell if Inflation Peaked

Plus, why investors should take a more nuanced view of recession.
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Has Inflation Peaked? (Kiplinger)
Our era of fast-rising prices and Fed rate hikes isn't necessarily over.


2 Straight Quarters of Falling GDP Doesn't Equal a Recession, Yet (Institutional Investor)
A close look at the economic numbers shows the situation is more nuanced.


Jeremy Siegel: Fed Should Moderate Rate Hikes (ThinkAdvisor)
The Wharton finance professor suggests the Fed raise the benchmark interest rate by 50 basis points at its next meeting, then by 25 bps each at the next two.


From Great Moderation to Great Stagflation (Jackson Hole Economics)
The world economy is undergoing a radical regime shift.


What Moves Markets? (The Irrelevant Investor)
Expectations and positioning drive everything.


This Dividend-Paying ETF Is Beating the Stock Market This Year (MarketWatch)
And its manager expects the "euphoria" recently seen in stocks won't last.


When Is a Bear Market Over? (A Wealth of Common Sense)
When does the all-clear signal come?


Mortgage Rates Surpass 5% Again (Yahoo Finance)
The rate on the 30-year fixed mortage increased to 5.22% this week, up from 4.99% the week prior, per Freddie Mac.


Robinhood Must Face Market Manipulation Claims Over Meme Trading (ThinkAdvisor)
A federal judge is allowing a proposed investor class-action lawsuit to move forward.


The Good News About Recessions for Investors (Kiplinger)
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